Results 2021 – Kids

Authors : Cyril Demaegd, Wilfried Fort et Marie Fort
Editor : Space Cow

Author : Grégory Grard
Editor : Blue Orange

Authors : Dr. Hans Joachim Höh, Michael Loth, Christof Schilling
Editor : KOSMOS

Author : Gunter Baars
Editor : KOSMOS

Author : Théo Rivière
Editor : Helvetiq

Other games cited by the 21 clubs

Andor: The Family Fantasy Game, Aqualin, Atheneum: Mystic Library, Botanik, Cartaventura: Vinland, Escape Game avec Maelys, Foto Fish, Inspector Mouse: The Great Escape, Inspector Nose, Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones, Last Message, Magic Market, Project L, Ronchonchon and The Adventures of Robin Hood