Results 2022

Author : Mathias Wigge
Editor : Super Meeple

Author : Randy Flynn
Editor : Lucky Duck Games

Author : Aske Christiansen
Editor : Ludonaute

Other games cited

Abandon All Artichokes, Akropolis, Azul: Queen’s Garden, Bag of Chips, Beyond the Sun, Bitoku, Boonlake, Carnegie, Cartaventura, CATAN – Logik R├Ątsel, Challengers!, Coffee Traders, Cosmic Race, Crash Octopus, Endless Winter: Paleoamericans, Ensemble, Family Inc., First Rat, First Rat, Heat: Pedal to the Metal, Hidden Leaders, Imperial Steam, Jekyll vs. Hyde, Lacrimosa, Les Tours Ambulantes, Loco Momo, Magic Mountain, Maudit Mot Dit, Merchants of the Dark Road, Mille Fiori, Mythologia, Precognition, Revive, Savannah Park, SCOUT, Sea Salt & Paper, Splendor Duel, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Super Mega Lucky Box, Sushi Go Party!, Swindler, Terracotta Army, The Border, Tiletum, Tokaido Duo, Top Ten 18+, Turing Machine, Woodcraft