Results 2011

2011_1st - Glory to Rome

Glory to Rome

Author: Carl Chudyk
Editor: Filosofia-Lookout Games-Cambridge Games edizioni
36 pts

2011_2nd - The Castles of Burgundy

The Castles of Burgundy

Author: Stefan Feld
Editor: Alea, Ravensburger
24 pts


2011_3rd - Helvetia


Author: Matthias Cramer
Editor: Kosmos
18 pts


2011_4th - Sultans of Karaya - Airlines EuropeSultans of Karaya
Author: Alex Weldon
Editor: MJ Games – Heidelberger Spieleverlag

Airlines Europe
Author: Alan R. Moon
Editor: Filosofia – Abacusspiele
13 pts ex-aequo