Results 2018

Author : Vladimír Suchy
Editor : Delicious Games
17 points

Author : Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance
Editor : Scorpion masqué
15 points

Author : Shem Phillips
Editor : Graphill Games
15 points

Author : Daniele Tascini et Dávid Turczi
Editor : Pixie Games
14 points

Author : David Cicurel
Editor : Lucky Duck Games
13 points

Other games cited by the 14 clubs

Très futé (12 points), Welcome to your perfect home (11 points), Brass: Birmingham (8 points), Lift off (8 points), Endeavor: Age of Sail (8 points), Azul (8 points), Rising Sun (8 points), Clank, Gugong, Root, Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down, Valparaiso, Blackout: Hong Kong, 13 Indizien, Empires of the Void II, Palm Island, Stone Age Jubiläumsausgabe, Century: Fernöstliche Wunder, Altiplano, Gizmos, Fertility, Gaia Project, A tale of pirates, Auztralia, Vindication, Founders of Gloomhaven, Entdecker der Nordsee, Tudor, Anachrony, Aon’s End, Huns, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, 1754 : la conquête, Pandemic: Fall of Rome, Dragon Castle, The Mind, Keyforge, Cerberus, Coimbra, Ganympède et Space Base.